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Brunswick Zone Classic 

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Zone Classic Specs

Product ID 2012 Brand Brunswick
Perfect Scale 143.5 RG 2.522
Finish Polished Ball Color Purple Pearl
Lane Condition Medium Coverstock Reactive Resin
Ball Quality First Quality    
Originally Sold For: $49.99

This product (2012) is not available

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Zone Classic features an inner core shape which is new, but familiar. Start with the classic Danger Zone shape, then stretch it laterally to create asymmetry. Keep stretching until you create a highly significant built in Preferential Spin Axis (PSA). Add the PSA locator pin and you have the new Zone Classic core, an Ultra Low RG design combining the proven image of Zone with Brunswick's patented PSA core technology.

Next add Activator Coverstock, the same coverstock used on the original Inferno, clean through the fronts, great mid-lane recovery, hard arcing backend, unprecedented durability. Factory finished with High Gloss Polish, the purple pearlized coverstock complements the Ultra Low RG Core to deliver an aggressive but forgiving ball reaction that matches up on medium-dry to medium-oily lane conditions.

Reaction Characteristics
Out of the Box:
With its high-gloss finish, the Zone Classic will match up well on medium-dry to medium-oily lane conditions.

When dulled:
The Zone Classic's hooking action will increase and its arc will become more even which creates a better match-up for oily lane conditions and helps to smooth over/under reactions seen on wet/dry lane conditions. Please Note: All balls have a 1-2" pin.

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Bowling Leagues

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Keep Your Eyes On Your Bowling Ball

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Women With Slow Ball Speed And Low Rev-Rate

You Can't Out Bowl A Bad Ball Reaction

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Stay In The Bowling Moment

Don't Expect Too Much From Your Bowling Ball

Be Bowling Cool

Never think A Bowling Opponent's Calmness Is A Weakness

Hit The Bowling Pocket

Ball Speed Versus Rev Rate

Are You Struggling With The Ten Pin Bowling Spare?

Choosing The Right Bowling Instructor

Historic Bowling Manufacturing Plant Demolished

History of Bowling

Slide Smoothly Into The Bowling Foul Line

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Pro Shop Bowling Services For Beginner Bowlers

Forward And Reverse Bowling Ball Finger Pitches

Bowling Thumb Pitch Angles

Bowling Ball Finger Bridge

Footwork Tips For Senior Bowlers

Spare Your Way To Bowling Success

Make A Smooth Transition From The Top Of Your Bowling Swing

Bowling Stroker Style

Speed Up Your Steps But Maintain Your Balance

Bowling For Bucks

Bowling Swing Rhythm

A Long Bowling Slide

Bowling Ball Motion Made Simple

Add Some SAAS To Your Bowling Game

A Bowling Hot Streak

Get A Good Grip On Your Bowling Ball

Clean Your New Bowling Ball Surface

Have Your Bowling Ball Gripping Holes Checked

The Bowling Balance Leg

The Bowling Fingertip Grip

Watch Your Bowling Ball Closely

Practice Bowling

Bowling Effectively

Bowling Ball Roll

Change Bowling Balls

Why Lane Conditions Change

Bowl With Confidence

Remain Stationary When Delivering Your Bowling Ball

Your Bowling Ball Reaction

Your Target And Your Bowling Ball Path

Deliver Your Bowling Ball Over The Foul Line

Your Private Bowling Corridor

Bowling Ball Pin Locator

Spin Your Bowling Ball

Walk Left, Throw Your Bowling Ball Right

Protect Your Bowling Fingers

Your Dominant Bowling Eye

Your Last Bowling Performance

What's In Your Bowling Bag?

Accelerate Your Bowling Swing

Bowling Open Frames

Common Bowling Adjustments

Bowling Balance Tips

Bad Bowling Pin Racks

Heel-To-Toe Bowling Steps

Follow Through Toward The Bowling Pocket

Beat Your Bowling Average Score

Tips For Your Bowling Teammate

A Three Board Wide Bowling Ball Path

Know Your Bowling Teammate's Ball Reaction

The Fast Bowling Back Swing

The Simplest Bowling Strategy

Your 90% Bowling Ball Delivery Technique

Bowling Tape As A Space Filler

How Good Of A Bowler Are You?

Practice Bowling Five Minutes More

Bowl Within Your Abilities

Bowling Distractions

Your Bowling Brain

Bowling Ball Mass Bias

Don't Drop Your Bowling Ball, Loft It

Keep Your Bowling Game Under Control

Bowling Thumbs Up

Call Your Bowling Shots

Tips For Dry Bowling Lanes

How To Raise Your Bowling Average Without Rolling A Strike

Be Sure About Your Bowling Adjustment

Murder Those Bowling Pins

Release Your Fingers Up The Back Of Your Bowling Ball

Be A Bowling Shot Maker

Bowling Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Personalize Your Bowling Backswing

Perform In Bowling Competition Like You Do In Practice

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Ready Bowling

Bowling Earplugs

Where To Finish Your Bowling Slide

Your Bowling Attitude Is King

Postpone Your Decision to Plug And Re-Drill Your Bowling Ball

Add Bowling Revs By Adding Lag

Senior Bowlers Need Pep In Their Bowling Steps

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Smart Bowling Practice Techniques

Bowling Ball Length And Hook Potential

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Beginner Bowler Straight Ball Strike Alignment

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Your Feet Are Not Nailed To The Bowling Approach

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The First Bowling Double Is The Hardest

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Zen And Your Bowling Game

Your Bowling Eyes Have It

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Bowl Intelligently

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Set Up Your Bowling Game

Bowling Swing Made Easy

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