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Senior Bowler Improvement Strategy

If you are a senior bowler who has bowled for many years and carry a respectable average, then a good strategy for improvement is to not make wholesale changes to your game.

Use the present strengths of your game to your advantage. If you wish to make some changes to your approach or delivery style, make slight changes.

If you “tweak” your game instead of overhauling it, you will implement the slight changes much easier and more quickly than you will big changes.

For example, if you want to increase your ball speed slightly, only try and get a slight increase so you do not sacrifice balance and accuracy.

If you wish to hasten the pace of your steps, you can simply pick up speed by stepping a bit livelier and count cadence before and after so you know you have picked up footwork speed. As in the case of increasing your ball speed, avoid walking so quickly that you lose balance and accuracy.

If you want to change your release technique, simply what you do and avoid making any major delivery changes so you do not struggle in consistency or in hitting your spot on the lane.

Many senior bowlers overdo changes in their games. Resist the urge to make big changes unless you elect to use the services of an experienced bowling instructor to help you design a practice plan and so the coach can monitor your progress.

It is surprising how often a bowling ball change can help you overcome a poor ball reaction. It is also possible to improve your percentage of pocket hits by expanding your lane play strategies and explore playing parts of the lane where the oil pattern will work to your advantage.

Simple changes and minor adjustments to your game can pay big dividends in your scoring.