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This week, we are giving away a Storm Intense.

Win a Storm Intense bowling ball

 Bring out the blistering speed and destructive force of the Storm Intense!

The Storm Intense builds on the Premier Line from Storm with a new take on the Radial Accelerating Disk (RAD) technology, and increased the potential energy released on the pins with the all-new RAD-E core. This high flaring asymmetric core stores energy unlike any other core out there, allowing for a pin-shattering move and action on the deck.

Enclosed in the R3S Pearl Reactive polished to a 1500-Grit Polished finish, the Intense easily skids through the heads and gives an unparalleled angular motion on medium-heavy oil. Combined with the Black/Green/White coloration with Moroccan Mint fragrance, this ball smells, looks and performs amazingly.

The ​Storm  retails for $169.95. By entering our weekly contest, you are entered in a drawing to win one for free.

Remember to return to our site every week to enter for that week's drawing.

Click here to see our past contest winners.