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This week, we are giving away a Storm Intense Fire.

Win a Storm Intense Fire bowling ball

Burn bright and immolate anything in your way with the Storm Intense Fire!

The Storm Intense Fire features the RAD (Radial Accelerating Disk) technology now in its sixth generation. This new iteration of the flagship design retains energy and quickly dispatches it on the pins, making this a contemporary contender to obliterate the pin deck.

Paired excellently with the RS3 Hybrid coverstock polished to a fine 1500-Grit finish, the Intense Fire makes its way easily through the heads to deliver a delayed backend reaction on medium-heavy oil conditions.

The ​Storm  retails for $174.95. By entering our weekly contest, you are entered in a drawing to win one for free.

Remember to return to our site every week to enter for that week's drawing.

Click here to see our past contest winners.