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Is Your Bowling Ball Used Up, Originally Posted: 2/13/2012; Updated: 8/14/2023

If you are just getting interested in your game and are wondering is your bowling ball used up, there is very likely good news how you can protect the surface of your bowling ball longer than you think. Learning a little about bowling ball surface management can save you dollars and prolong the life expectancy of your bowling ball equipment. If you are asking is your bowling ball used up, simply avoid the "dead ball syndrome" you encounter after many lines of bowling and get into the habit of screening and resurfacing your equipment.

If you are not one to use the services of the pro shop often to prepare the surface of your bowling ball, you will certainly lose the ball motion effectiveness the ball once showed when it was new. It is your responsibility to maintain your the ball surface regularly and often and clean, polish, and texture the surface as needed to match the local lane conditions you most frequently encounter.

Here are a few useful combinations of screening your ball to react in accordance with given lane conditions:

500-grit: This reaction causes the ball to read extremely early. This usually only works well on extremely heavy patterns or very direct angles by speed dominate players.

360, 1000-grit: This reaction gives the ball more length than 500 alone, but still has a significant ability to generate friction in heavier oil. This works well on heavy patterns with fresh back-ends.

500, 2000-grit: This reaction is a very good benchmark reaction as the ball has enough topography to still generate friction in medium to light oil, but not enough to cause the ball to read too early in most cases. This finish delays the hook transition, allowing for a strong entry angle.

500, 4000-grit: This reaction works extremely well on multiple patterns, giving the ball easy length through the heads, a subtle but noticeable mid-lane reaction, and an enormous amount of friction at the end of the pattern. This finish can generate some of the strongest entry angles possible on fresh patterns, but may start to skid too far as the pattern carries downlane.

Of course, there are multiple methods, resurfacing mediums, and grits available on the market, all of which will yield slightly different results causing a ball to read the lane earlier or later, with more or less on the back-ends. research shows that the lowest grit pads should be applied with more pressure, but for a shorter duration. The higher grits should be applied with less pressure, but for a longer time. This will have the desired effect of creating strong surface deviations to displace oil, but will also round the edges, peaks, and valleys on the coverstock enough to get the desired amount of skid.

Also, knowing the trick in skipping some of the intermediate grits, you should be able to restore the ball reaction from the original out-of-box finish and revive a once thought to be dead ball. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that this finish method can be used to change the reaction of any ball in today's market.

Knowing more about ball surface restoration strategies than you might presently understand will certainly help you communicate with your pro shop professional with the goal of keeping your equipment surfaces prepared to match best to the lane oil conditions and prolong the life of your bowling ball equipment.

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