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Bowling Ball Testing

One of the services many pro shops offer today is a bowling ball test service. You can actually try a new bowling ball before buying it.
Pro shops are clever enough to drill holes large enough into a given new bowling balls and then place slugs/sleeves with sized inserts into the ball to come close in fitting the customer’s bowling hand for trial purposes.
If the ball comes close to fitting the given bowler’s hand, then the bowler can compare the ball motion of the new ball(s) to his or her existing equipment.

By being able to bowl with several new balls provided by this testing service before making a final decision which ball to purchase can be very useful.

So often bowlers today will use similarly constructed equipment and not really gain too much with new bowling balls.
It is important to develop some type of plan before buying a new ball so your investment will help you overcome lane conditions which present challenges when using your present equipment.

Establishing a good communication with your pro shop professional can go along way to helping you improve your game.
Not only is knowing which of many new bowling balls on the market is the best option for you, it is good to be able to use other services your pro shop provides such as screening and resurfacing services.
Altering the surface of your bowling balls is vital to retain a good ball reaction. By choosing appropriate surface textures, you can expect a reliable ball reaction where you bowl most frequently.
Get into the habit of routine ball maintenance by refreshing the surface of you equipment routinely.

Choosing the best option in a new bowling ball when you become ready to expand your arsenal is a plus for any serious bowler. So much in bowling success today lies in using the right equipment during competition at the right time.
Many pro shop services are offered to help you ensure your equipment is ready to go if you make the effort to bring your equipment in for maintenance as needed.
Check around your home area for bowling ball test programs next time you get ready to get a new ball. The time and effort in doing so can be very worth your while.

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