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What's In Your Bowling Bag?

What’s in your bowling bag? OK, we know you have a bowling ball or bowling balls. We know you keep your bowling shoes in your shoe compartment.

If you are a 160 average range bowler, it can be helpful to also carry a range of accessories and additional items which can easily be kept in the pouches of your bag in case you need them in competition?

Let’s make a list of common accessories top flight players typically carry in their bowling bags:

1. Bowling Tape
2. Bowling scissors or a utility knife
3. Protective Finger Tape
4. Protective liquid skin patch
5. Spray bottle liquid ball cleaner
6. Bowling Ball Polish
7. Nail Clippers
8. Nail file

Other useful items:

1. Spare finger Inserts
2. Insert removal tool
3. Microfiber Bowling Towel
4. Bowling Note Pad & Pen
5. Wrist Support Device
6. Wrist sweat bands
7. Bowling shoe deodorizing spray
8. Abralon Grit Pads

Of course, each and every item listed above need not be a staple in your bowling bag, but there are a number of necessary items for routine bowling sessions.

Your local pro shop carries most, if not all, of these accessory items including some of the other items listed above.

How often you bowl in competition will help you determine how many and which of these items will be useful to you and should be in your bowling bag.

It is certainly extremely important to maintain the surfaces of your bowling balls during and after use. At the least, carrying a towel and ball cleaner, bowling tape and a tool to remove and replace the tape is in your best interest to keep handy in your bowling bag.

Being prepared for competition is key to bowling well. Carrying the right accessories and additional items which might be needed can help you get the most out of your game.