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Heel-To-Toe Bowling Steps

If you are struggling with your timing or if you are having some difficulty maintaining balance, try the “heel-to-toe” bowling steps method to provide stable footwork.

By using the “heel-to-toe” steps leading into your final sliding step, you will build an even walking tempo. This will also slow your steps slightly and help you use the floor to anchor yourself and generate leverage and power.

Not all bowlers can use fast steps and a super long slide step. Some bowlers require a slightly more methodical pace of walking to the foul line than do others who are able to get their steps moving quickly to generate good ball speed.

By making sure your do not rush your steps, you can walk with the heel of your foot digging into the approach floor followed by pushing off of the ball of that foot to launch you into your next step.

If you use a four step approach, you can walk with a heel to toe movement the first three steps and then push off of the ball of your foot on your next to final step, thereby creating some force launching you into your sliding step.

It is a good idea to step slightly quicker each succeeding step without moving too quickly as to not cheat your heel-to-toe walking method.

Your sliding step should not deviate from normal sliding movement.

You must enter the slide with the ball of your sliding bowling shoe leading the way into the approach floor. Your entire shoe must slide with your weight distributed evenly over the entire bottom surface of your sliding bowling shoe.

Walking with the “heel to toe” motion will accomplish a few useful things:

1. stabilize your steps leading into your slide step...

2. allow sufficient time on each step to synchronize with your swing...

3. generate good power when pushing off of your step into your slide step...

4. keep your upper body posture in an athletic position, with your weight distributed above your legs for good balance when walking to the line...

5. regulate your ball speed...

Accurate deliveries require a good foundation with your footwork. With good balance at the line, you can make accurate shots by being in a very stable position during the critical sliding step.

Walking heel-to-toe will benefit your footwork tempo and help you have enough time to make that precise delivery you need when bowling in close competition.

For those of you bowlers who are not power players and need to work on your tempo and balance, try the heel-to-toe walking method leading into your slide step.