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Stop Falling Off Of Your Bowling Shot

If you find yourself falling off of your shot when you deliver your bowling ball, there are a couple of easy things to do to improve your balance. Falling off of your shot is a term which refers to stepping across your body with your trailing leg (your balance leg) to prevent falling or losing balance after delivering your ball.

Usually, falling off of your shot means you are not sliding into the foul line properly. Make sure your step before your sliding step and your sliding step move toward the center of your body to develop a stable platform from which to deliver your bowling ball.

Many bowlers will slide under their non-bowling shoulder instead of toward the center of their body and thereby lose balance. When the sliding bowling shoe ends up under the non-bowling shoulder, the bowling hand releases the ball perhaps 6 inches or more away from the sliding ankle causing an extreme loss of leverage. Loss in leverage means an early rotation of the ball which causes ineffective roll and errant deliveries.

Losing balance when delivering your bowling ball can also cause loss of accuracy and loss of ball speed control. It also leads to inconsistent hand action during your release.

It's a good idea to not walk stiff-legged (with no knee flex or bend during your approach). If your knees are flexed forward during your steps to the line, particularly the last two steps, then you stand a good chance of maintaining your balance when swinging and delivering a heavy bowling ball.

Walking very upright with no knee flex and trying to suddenly bend forward from the waist while swinging and delivering your bowling ball invites poor balance at the foul line and the possibility of falling off the shot. Instead, keep one to two inches of knee flex in each step and use slightly more knee when sliding. Slide directly under the center of your body with the toe of your sliding bowling shoe pointing ahead to the pins. Keep your balance leg swept to the opposite side of your body with your shoe remaining in contact with the floor.

If you follow these simple tips, your balance at the foul line will improve considerably. With good balance, you will benefit from improved shot making.

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