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Set Up Your Bowling Game

If you are a new bowler and want some time tested and proven tips which will help get your approach started consistently and with good balance, then there are a few useful tips to follow.

Make sure you stand an appropriate distance from the foul line so you slide within 4 - 6 inches from the line every shot.

Place most of your body weight over the foot you are not used in beginning your approach.

Point your toes on your bowling shoes toward the pocket.

Set your spine angle tilted forward perhaps 10 or 15 degrees so the front part of your shoulders is directly over your bowling shoes.

Avoid setting your bowling shoulder too low in comparison to your non-bowling shoulder.

Maintain a normal amount of knee flex, one to two inches of flex, in your set-up and make certain your weight is distributed over your bowling shoes evenly and properly.

Hold your bowling ball with your hand under the ball to support the full weight of the ball.

Hold the ball close to your body so your bowling arm muscles are relaxed and void of excessive tension.

Hold the ball at a comfortable height from the floor. Normally, holding the ball at waist height or slightly higher is one way to maintain comfort in your stance position.

Your non-bowling hand should be under the bottom of the ball supporting your bowling hand and most of the weight of the ball should be held by your non-bowling hand.

In this set-up position, you will be in an athletic posture and ready to make a smooth and well balanced approach to the foul line in preparation of delivering your bowling ball.

Good scores in bowling comes from consistent shotmaking. Everything begins with a balanced set-up position before you begin your first step.