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Is Leaving A Weak Ten Really A Bad Bowling Result?

Is leaving a weak ten really a bad bowling result? How about for you left handed players, is leaving the 7 pin a bad thing?

These questions can be addressed from several points of view.

First, leaving any corner pin on a pocket hit means you got a nine count and had left an easy spare to convert.

If you leave a corner pin, then you likely have hit the pocket and you have watched your ball react.

If you watch your ball reaction closely, you might get a tip on which slight adjustment can get you into the pocket with a slightly different impact point and perhaps improve your overall pin carry.

If you are bowling in a tournament in a center unfamiliar to you, then making sure you find the line to the pocket is critical so you can get off to a good start in the event.

Trying to hit the pocket with a perfectly solid hit on challenging lane conditions is not always easy to do.

If you learn to line up for a mid pocket hit, you can make minor adjustments as you move through the first few frames and as you watch your ball reaction.

No one strikes on every pocket hit. ON challenging tournament conditions as in the PBA National Tour or even at home on Sport Leagues or in Sport Tournaments.

Until you become very familiar with how your ball will react on given tournament conditions, try and make sensible alignment decisions and do not aggressively play for solid or high pocket hits until you know your ball will not over-react when your shot is not made perfectly.

It can pay dividends to play it safe until you get accustomed to a given lane condition.

Avoid lining up so aggressively in an attempt to charge the pocket until you are sure you have the right variables in place.

No one wins the tournament in the first game. Nie counts, and the corner pins in particular, are spares you welcome shooting as opposed to washouts or the 3-6-10, as examples.

Everyone wants to carry every pocket hit. Realistically, it is not part of the game to carry every hit.

You must be prepared to be patient, make good shots throughout your session, and wait for the little “carry streaks” will will come during the long stretches in tournament play.

Taking a conservative alignment approach to hitting the pocket for a few frames until you get the feel for the condition can be a good thing and rewarding in the end. After all, no one wins a tournament the first game, it is won in the last game.

Filling frames early on and avoiding open frames which require several doubles to counter the loss in pinfall can benefit you over the long haul in tournament play.

Line up to hit the mid pocket and then proceed sensibly as you move through the frames.

You just might find yourself in the winner’s circle.