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Four Useful Bowling Tips

If you are a bowler averaging in the 140 - 160 range and feel your bowling performances have capped and you are not making any progress, then there are a few tips to help you focus your efforts effectively.

You simply may not be using your skills and techniques to your full advantage, particularly during competition.

To make improvements in your game, you must utilize your physical game skills and bowl intelligently.

Using a few technique tips to help organize your practice can lead you to trusting your decisions in competition.

Here are four tips to ponder:

1. Use your practice time wisely. Practice your strike and spare angle adjustments during practice sessions so you are confident to use them in competition.

2. Change bowling balls. Not every adjustment relates to specific physical game techniques. Some adjustments are equipment changes. When your bowling ball no longer reacts dependably, change to a ball which is set up to create either a longer or shorter skid distance and hook controllably on the back end of the lane.

Being stubborn and telling yourself you can throw the ball better and then keep making the same mistake over and over is not a smart strategy, albeit one which many bowlers demonstrate.

It is next to impossible with today’s high technology bowling balls to “out-bowl” a bad ball reaction. Don’t be afraid to change bowling balls when all other adjustments no longer are effective.

3. Avoid working on too many physical game drills at one time. Work on which physical skills, such as your swing or footwork, in need of improvement during competition when you are bowling in practice sessions.

4. Practice with a purpose and with some form of organized practice plan designed to maximize your skills development.

It is in practice that you build your game. In competition, you must trust your game.

Bowling intelligently means to trust in your skills and use them wisely when it really counts.