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Increase Ball Speed For Senior Bowlers

If you are a senior bowler and are finding it more and more difficult to maintain good ball speed, there are a few tips that can help. Because of noticeable losses in certain reflexes, strength and flexibility, it is easy for bowlers 65 years and older to lose ball speed.

Following are a few tips to try to develop increased bowling ball speed the next time you are on the practice lane.

Your options include slightly "peppier" or more lively foot-step speed so long as you do not lose balance walking to the line or delivering your bowling ball. You may even consider using a longer approach, maybe three inches longer per step and make a concerted effort to take longer strides when walking to the foul line.

Longer and "peppier" steps will give you more ball speed because of the momentum built up when moving to the foul line.

The notion of not squeezing the bowling ball is not a good one for senior players over 65 years if you do not have good ball speed already.

It is OK to increase your gripping pressure on the ball and maintain the firm grip throughout your swing.

Follow through aggressively by accelerating your forward swing to a full follow-through position.

Make certain to give the ball enough loft over the foul line so the ball lands between one and two feet past the line.

Make sure your bowling hand does not get on top of the ball during your swing motion. Keeping your hand behind the ball as much as possible will help you gain thrust at the moment you deliver the ball and you will see more ball speed than if your hand gets near, or on top of the ball.

Hold the ball higher in your stance position, perhaps where the ball is shoulder height and then push the ball smoothly and quickly away from your body when you begin your swing so you gain momentum on the back-swing. This can translate into more thrust on your forward swing.

Keep in mind, with more speed you you will likely see less hook. You may have to adjust your angle of attack slightly and take a more direct line to the pocket than you do now.

Another non-physical game option is to drop a pound in total ball weight so you can get more ball speed with the same effort used now. You can use a ball with a pearl coverstock and with a smooth surface texture so you pick up ball skid which equates to more speed.

Increasing your strength will also increase your ability to deliver the ball faster and can help you in other areas of life. Exercise for seniors is a necessity of life. Of course, check with your physician before entering into any exercising routine or regimen to gain strength.

Don’t forget you could break down and spend money on a professional instructor, and get right to what needs to be done instead of experimenting on your own.

For some unknown reason, senior players are resistant to seeking coaching and making changes. Maybe that is not the case with you, but just know that a good coach can help you gain speed and accuracy without losing balance, and at relatively inexpensive prices.

Try these tips next time you are on the practice lane and perhaps one or more of them will help you produce increased ball speed.

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