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Control Your Bowling Ball Skid Distance

Controlling your bowling ball skid distance is an important part of getting a consistent ball reaction and hitting the pocket repeatedly.

The skid length of your bowling ball depends on a few simple factors which you can monitor and work on yourself, if you wish to improve your ball skid distance control.

Ball skid (slide) typically refers to the distance your bowling ball will skid on the front end of the lane before changing directions at or near the mid-lane.

Here are a few things you can look for to help you regulate your ball skid distance:

1. Do not overlook the importance of having your bowling ball surface texture prepared precisely the way you need to match best with your local lane conditions.

Avoid allowing too many games being bowled before refreshing or resurfacing your bowling ball coverstock.

2. Deliver your bowling ball at as close to the same speed you can each shot during your sessions on the lanes. Although you may vary your speed as needed on given lanes, try to regulate that speed from shot to shot so you project your ball the same distance down the lane the best you can.

3. Release your thumb from your ball as close to the same time near the bottom of your forward swing cycle.

Avoid hanging on one shot and lofting the ball further than normal, then releasing the ball before the bottom of the down swing and dropping the ball on another shot.

A similar release point each shot with speed and loft distance control are keys to creating skid distance consistency.

4. Release your hand from the ball below your sliding knee level at the mid-point of your calf on your sliding bowling leg.

Using the same amount of sliding knee flex each shot and letting go of your ball at the mid-point of your slide leg calf will regulate the elevation your ball is from the floor each delivery. This will help you achieve a gradual angle of bowling ball descent into the lane surface.

5. Avoid inconsistent rotation with your bowling fingers at the moment you let go of the ball. Adding finger rotation will increase axis tilt and your ball will follow a slightly different skid path as well as skidding different distances.

These are a few reliable tips to help you work on your skid distance control and gain a dependable ball reaction much needed during competition.

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