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A Simple Release Technique For Beginner Bowlers

For you new bowlers learning the game, there are a few things which will help you develop an effective release of your bowling ball leading to accuracy and good shot making.

First, it is a misjudgement to think about the release as a stand-alone or singular motion. Instead, think of your bowling release as a part of your entire swing cycle.

Your bowling swing needs to be one smooth, continuous motion on the backswing and forward swings in tempo to become consistent so you develop good control of your shots.

When walking to the foul line to deliver your ball, your bowling ball weight can help you to freely swing your ball without using muscle tension to control your bowling arm.

Once you enter into your final step, your sliding step, make sure your sliding knee is flexed sufficiently to support the full weight of your body.

At this point, your bowling arm will be perpendicular to the floor and your ball should be at its lowest point in the swing arc, tucked in very close to your body and very near your sliding ankle, and ready to release the bowling ball.

While releasing your bowling ball, your bowling thumb exits the hole slightly before your bowling fingers. In fact, it is only a mere split-second after your thumb exits the ball when your middle and ring fingers exit the ball.

In your stance position before beginning your first step, make sure your bowling hand is holding your ball in a position halfway between a “handshake position” and directly flat under the ball where the palm of your hand is facing the ceiling supporting the weight of the ball.

From this position, you can simply allow your hand to remain in this position while swinging and releasing the ball. Avoid any additional extra finger or wrist rotation when swinging or releasing your ball unless you are under the supervision of your bowling instructor.

This hand position and release technique will produce a good rolling ball motion with a slight hook on the back end of the lane.

This technique is the easiest and quickest method of learning to hook the ball and requires little effort other than swinging your bowling ball freely and letting it go with your hand in the same position as in your stance before beginning your approach.

Maintain alignment of the front portion of your bowling shoulder to your sighting spot on the lane during your delivery process.

As your ball exits your bowling hand, it is key to continue your forward swing motion upward to a full and complete follow-through position with your bowling hand moving in the direction of your spot on the lane.

Once your ball has been delivered, stay in balance and hold your form.

These simple release techniques will help you develop an effective style of bowling and will help you build accuracy in your game.

It is recommended to use the services of an experienced instructor to help you develop good fundamentals, including a good release technique, as you progress in the game.

Be sure to get out and practice as often as you can.