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Keep A Cool Bowling Head

If you want to get the best out of your skills in competition, learn to keep a cool bowling head. The players who are able to maintain composure in pressure bowling situations are the ones who typically enjoy the most success.

Be a cool customer in competition. Work at not losing your temper or getting overly emotional if things are not going your way. Keep a cool bowling head, like the best professionals on TV do, and you will soon realize that when things get going your way, you are ready to take full advantage.

Every athlete in any sport whether it be in high school sports, college sports, amateur, or professional sports loses their temper or composure now and again. Getting emotional is human and can give you the necessary energy to convert your efforts into useful, winning ways.

Those who do not repeat the same mistakes and fly off the handle every time things go against them, recover quickly and can focus on what it takes to win and not on why they are getting bad breaks.

It is a proven fact that any athlete who operates under control, with tempered emotion; who focuses on the job at hand and does not think about what has happened but rather on what will happen next, is going to be the probable victor in competition.

You can read all kinds of literature on containing emotional outbursts, on how the brain works, and how getting riled up deters from making smooth and reliable athletic movements but until you buy into it, your temper may overcome any potential positive result.

In bowling and over the many decades the sport has been on TV, we have seen such great Champions win multiple times because they could handle their emotions when under severe pressure.

We can use role models who maintain composure when in difficult competitive situations as examples of how to shake off bad breaks or poor performances and concentrate on what must be done to succeed and to win.

Visualize your favorite players who are cool under pressure and learn to emulate their attitudes when in competition. Getting really mad at your bowling or at a bad break is a choice. You can choose instead to accept an outcome and plan to improve the results in your next competitive session.

Do not take the bad breaks home with you but rather leave them behind and focus on your next opportunity to succeed.

A bowler who completely loses composure, curses profusely, kicks the ball return unit, tosses a bowling shoe or some other item in the bowling area or deliberately fires their bowling ball carelessly so it goes into the gutter to cost their team a match game, generally makes everyone else tense just being around him or her.

If you advocate keeping a calm demeanor and containing emotions while you are in competition to be the best course of action to win, then please share your thoughts with us here at by placing a comment below this article. We welcome any and all proactive comments.

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