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Ten Minutes To Higher Bowling League Scores

If you are looking for methods to help improve your league scores, try this simple ten minute technique for applied focus on your game.

In the normal three games of league play, it takes about 2 ½ hours, total time, for three games of bowling. The average number of deliveries the median bowler will make each game can vary between 12 and 20 deliveries, depending on how many strikes are recorded. That means over three games in competition, between 36 and 60 deliveries are recorded.

It takes an average of 15 seconds for a bowler to step into the bowlers area next to the ball return unit, pick up the ball, and wait for a turn to step onto the approach; get properly positioned on the approach, aim at the sighting target, and finally walk to the line and deliver the bowling ball, watch the results, and walk back off of the approach.

Given this information, if you make 40 deliveries in your next three game league session and take a 15 second interval of time in preparation to make a shot for 40 shots during the session, you only have to pay attention for 10 minutes time.

That’s right, think for ten minutes. Think about where you wish to position yourself on the approach to give yourself the best chance at delivering your bowling ball into the pocket. Think about precisely where you are going to sight on the lane and why you have selected that mark for the given delivery.

Think about making a good start to your approach without rushing your first step or lunging your bowling ball into the beginning phase of your arm swing cycle. While you are walking to the foul line, think about an even cadence with your footwork so you do not rush your delivery, particularly the last two steps.

Think about completing a full and accelerated follow-through motion in the direction of your intended ball path toward your sighting target. Think about maintaining good balance throughout your approach and release of your bowling ball.

Think about the result you have gotten on each delivery so you can prepare for the next delivery in case an adjustment of some sort best suits your needs.

So next time you are in league, think for ten minutes out of the 2 ½ hours of your league session and think at the right focal points of your game.

It is alright to socialize with teammates and watch other things going on around you the rest of the time but when it is your turn to bowl, lock in your mind, think, and focus on what you are about to do. Paying attention will lead you to an improved quality of shot making and to higher bowling scores.