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A Timeless Bowling Strategy

By:, 3/28/16

A timeless bowling strategy is to think about one shot at a time.

Concentrate on one important thing when you bowl.

Resist the temptation to think through every single movement of every step you take on the approach.

It is so easy to think about far too many things instead of focusing on the next shot you are preparing to make.

Also, avoid thinking too far ahead of yourself. You simply cannot do anything about past frames completed and you cannot do anything yet about future frames.

Instead, zero in on the very next shot you will deliver and think about what you must do to make it a good shot.

There are a few simple physical movements you can focus on when making your next shot. The key is to reduce the clutter from your mind and rely on what you do when you make a quality shot.

Many successful coaches emphasize thinking about making a good start and a good finish to your walk and swing motions and between focus only on your sight target.

In an essence, this may be the simplest yet most potent formula in making a good shot.

Make a smooth first step to get things started, trust your middle steps to maintain good tempo, and make a smooth slide to the center of your body to stabilize your finish position for an accurate shot.

Focus your eyes on your target throughout the approach and delivery with full commitment.

Your set-up position before your first step is key in maintaining an athletic posture and good balance during your approach.

By watching your sight target with a determination to make an accurate shot will allow you the freedom to make a smooth and tension free swing coupled with a crisp release.

A good finish to your approach involves holding your form at the foul line and watching your bowling ball until it passes your target.

To reduce anxiety when bowling in competition, think about making a series of good shots one at a time.

When you are well practiced and trust your game, you give yourself the best chance for winning performances.

Trusting your game boils down to making good shots and relying on what you do best when you are bowling your best.

With this in mind, a timeless bowling strategy is to reduce your thinking to the lowest denominator and that is making one good shot at a time.


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