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Expand Your Bowling Comfort Zone 9/1/2015

If you're like most bowlers, you have a place on the approach and a spot on the lane that is most comfortable for you to stand and throw at. Most bowlers will do anything to stay in their comfort zone - change balls, adjust hand position, increase/decrease speed. These are all good abilities to have but you have to be able to use them at the correct times.

The number one goal when throwing practice shots before league or a tournament is find the best possible ball reaction and angle in to the pocket on this specific lane condition. The goal is NOT to find the best way to stand in your favorite spot and hit your favorite target. You have to be able to listen to what the lane is telling you. There are times when your line needs to be farther outside toward the gutter and others when you'll need to play deeper inside. Determining this sweet spot on a different condition has to do with the length of the pattern, your release/ball speed and the bowling ball you're using. This is to be expanded on in another article so we can focus on one simple objective...

Make the ENTIRE LANE your comfort zone!

In Bowling Fundamentals, second edition PWBA champion Michelle Mullen says, "Learning to expand your comfort zone, play different parts of the lane, and adjust your line is important to being able to stay in form and score. You have to learn to follow and adjust to the oil line as it changes during play. And you have to learn to trust the shot and the fact that you have moved left of right for a reason."

When practicing, try these few simple things and get the most out of your game:
1. Try to strike from each arrow on the lane using the same ball - This will work on your ability to adjust speeds, hand positions and rev rate.
2. Try to strike from the same arrow using each ball you have - Again, this will work on your ability to adjust speeds, hand positions and rev rate.

Expand your game... make every shot you throw be in your comfort zone.

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