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Use Your Bowling Experience And Skills

By:, 3/7/17

Updated 6/25/2020

Avoid trying to do more than you can when bowling in competition.

Use your bowling experience and skills when you must perform the best you can in leagues or in tournaments.

Never allow the competition to get too big for you in your mind that you cannot rely on what you do best.

Trust equals experience plus developed skills.

If you believe in what you know you can do and trust your physical game and your decisions when you face moments during competition where adjustments are needed, Your chances at bowling effectively improve.

Preparation is the key to winning bowling. It all begins with practice time installing the building blocks of your physical and mental games.

Here are some tips:

*Practicing with no plan or no strategy is risky business. Use your practice time wisely to learn which adjustments work best in given situations and to tune your technique.

*Trusting your decisions and judgement in competition is vital to successful bowling. As example, alignment and adjustments as your ball reaction changes are important decisions to all bowlers face during competition.

*Practice enough to tune the best elements of your physical game techniques. It is in practice that you build your game. In competition, you must trust your game.

*Keep your bowling ball equipment prepared for use. Bowling ball surfaces are very important parts in gaining a reliable ball reaction.

Because ball surfaces change after bowling many games, develop a dependable, routine ball surface maintenance strategy so you are ready for challenging lane conditions during competition.

Change bowling balls if you are getting a poor ball reaction in spite of adjustments you know should work.

If for nothing other than changing bowling balls, you will at least “press the adjustment re-set button” and give yourself a chance to make new, fine-tuning adjustments to hit the pocket again.

Keep things simple. Practice with a purpose. Organize your practice sessions. Work on game skills you know are your strongest assets so they are ready to use when needed.

Think before you bowl. If you establish a reliable pre-shot routine, you give yourself needed time to make a decisions. Decide how you wish to deliver your bowling ball. Decide where you will target on the lane and which angle of attack you will use. Step onto the approach, relax a moment, and then bowl. This routine will serve you well regardless of any competitive anxieties you may feel.


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