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Pre-Shot Routine And Bowling Tempo

By:, Originally Posted: 10/2/16; Updated: 1/16/2022

One important key in developing a consistent ability to repeat quality shots is to first establish a pre-shot routine and bowling tempo.

Every good bowler has some sort of repeatable pre-shot routine and a natural pace of bowling.

Everything begins with the proper mindset and set-up on the approach before beginning to bowl.

A pre-shot routine means you use a consistent method in preparing to bowl and in setting up your stance position just before walking and swinging your bowling ball.

When you pick up your bowling ball off of the rack, take a deep breath or two and exhale slowly to reduce anxiety. Settle your nerves.

Visualize walking to the line and making a good shot.

Make alignment decisions and where you will place your feet before stepping onto the approach.

Once you do step onto the approach, spend only the necessary time aiming but not any extra time which may cause indecision to creep into your mind.

Set yourself in your athletic stance position, focus on your sight target, and bowl. Keep this simple and use the same amount of time each time you prepare to bowl.

It is important to coordinate both your steps and swing moving at the same relative pace each shot you take, strikes and spares alike. Establish a routine of bowling with consistent tempo.

Good tempo allows you to maintain balance and to never hurry a shot out of anxiety or frustration.

When your steps and swing move at a steady pace, one which is both natural to your usual walking pace and one which allows you to be tension free when swinging your ball, your ability to repeat quality shots improves.

Since it is important in bowling to repeat quality shots, you must develop consistent tempo beginning with a pre-shot routine, setting up on the approach in an athletic posture, and walking and swinging your ball at the same pace, the pace you decide is best for any given session of bowling.

In doing so, you will also establish a consistent and repeating bowling ball speed.

With consistent ball speed, you will establish the same bowling ball skid distance control and ultimately, a repeating overall ball reaction.

Another factor in implementing an effective pre-shot routine is to exert the same amount of energy from the time you pick up your ball off of the rack and await your turn to bowl. Avoid hurrying or becoming overly slow in preparing to bowl. Once you have established a good pre-shot routine, your steps and swing tempo will become “in sync” and then your chances of making repeating, quality shots improves.


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