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Don't Lose Your Bowling Identity

By:, 12/14/15

If you are an experienced and very talented player, don’t lose your bowling identity.

When you find your game slipping a little, avoid the urge to try too many tips you listen to or read about and avoid trying to make too many adjustments to your core game that you lose feel for what you are capable of doing as an advanced player.

Often times you can rely on a couple of basic components of your game to guide you through a slump or a downturn with your game.

Trying to “fix” too many things can cause you to postpone getting your game back on track.

Develop a game plan for practicing so you can tune up your the physical elements of your game.

If you can identify a couple of keys to your past bowling successes and rely on fine tuning those skills once again, you can cut the wait time in returning to form.

A game plan, as an example, encompasses the key elements of your physical game, a mental strategy for competition, and a practice method so you work on the important aspects of your game.

The old reliable answer is to use the services of an experienced bowling instructor, perhaps one with whom you have worked with before.

The coach will help you devise a practice plan if you have yet to develop one. Your plan should cover the keys to your personal game such as set-up, footwork, swing and release, balance, alignment, and adjustments.

The instructor can figuratively “paint a picture” of your game (more literally if a video filming of your approach is captured and displayed) and a sense of awareness of what you are really doing as opposed to what you only feel or think you are doing.

Feel can mislead you into thinking you are doing one given physical motion when, in reality, you are doing something quite differently.

Once you do have your game tuned and are bowling well, you must then rely on feel to monitor your game and to stay in the groove.

Although a helpful tip from a friend can sound logical and worth trying, you risk adding an additional variable to your game which may compound the number of practice plan techniques you have developed and know to work.

Be wary of trying too many random tips if your game is rusty. Rely instead on the tested techniques you have proven to be the keys to past bowling success.

Your practice plan can be an extension of your core identity as a player.

Believe in what you can accomplish when you are bowling well and trust your judgement when making decisions during competition.

In the end, be yourself and trust in your own abilities. Don’t lose your bowling identity.

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