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Why Are Bowling Tips Not Helping Me?, Originally Posted: 1/11/2015; Updated: 7/18/2022

If you are a fairly new bowler or one who wishes to improve your game, then you may be asking why are bowling tips not helping me?

The challenges with taking a free tip here and there and trying to build the tip theme into your game is that the tip does not take into account your experience level, your game skills, or any physical ailments you may be encountering.

A random tip can help on occasion but the real strategy which will be more helpful in the long run is to first develop a solid plan to develop your game.

A game plan encompasses the key elements of the physical game, a mental strategy for competition, and a practice method so you work on all the important aspects of your individual game.

Although this seems like a good deal of work and perhaps expense, this type of approach using a complete game plan is proven to sustain longer than any one quick tip can provide.

If you are willing to use the services of an experienced bowling instructor, you stand to make real gains in your game.

The coach will help you devise a practice plan to cover the keys to your personal game such as set-up, footwork, swing and release, balance, alignment, and adjustments.

The instructor can figuratively “paint a picture” of your game (more literally if a video filming of your approach is captured and displayed) and a sense of awareness of what you are really doing as opposed to what you only feel or think you are doing.

Feel is essential to success in bowling competition. You must rely on feel to know if you are monitoring the elements of your game you have practiced.

Feel, however, can be misleading if you cannot acquaint the feel with the actual motion you are using during your approach to the foul line.

The free tips you get in bowling articles or by “helpful friends” with good intentions can sometimes mislead you into thinking you are making a specific bowling motion which, in reality, is not really happening.

The guidance of a professional instructor can help you match the feel with the physical motion thereby helping you develop a trust aspect in your game. Knowing is better than guessing.

Of course, any practice plan must be proceeded with identifying the areas of your game in most need of attention.

This is the benefit a coach provides - the ability to help pinpoint precisely which areas of your game are in most need of attention.

Once your plan is in place, then it is time to practice your plan.

In the end, it is up to you to do the work, the practicing.

Be wary of listening to every tip you hear or read and then trying to use the tip unilaterally.

Success in bowling competition is a process and this process begins with a plan.

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