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Swing Your Bowling Ball From Your Shoulder

By:, Originally Posted: 12/29/15; Updated: 2/2/2024

If you wish to improve your accuracy and ball speed control, swing your bowling ball from your shoulder.

A relaxed shoulder is an important key in developing an effective and repetitive swing.

When you relax your shoulder, you also relax the muscles in your bowling arm and can control the precise amount of gripping pressure you wish to impart on your bowling ball.

One adverse factor which prevents effective swings is too much muscle tension.

When focusing on swinging your ball from your shoulder allowing your shoulder, neck, and arm muscles to relax, you will lead your swing into a very repeatable tempo thereby helping you control your ball speed and ball skid distance.

With your relaxed swing derived from avoiding excessive tension, you will be less likely to grab at the ball at the top of your backswing and force your forward swing and release.

A free, loose, and smooth swing cycle will no doubt help you improve your control and accuracy.

A regulated ball speed generated from a consistent swing and release improve your ability in hitting your spot on the lane.

All successful competitive bowlers rely on hitting the pocket over and over to achieve a high level of scoring and on converting spares.

Accuracy in your shotmaking will allow you to hit the pocket repeatedly if your alignment and adjustment techniques are sound.

Make an effort to remind yourself to relax your bowling shoulder, your neck muscles, and your bowling arm as you prepare to bowl.

By doing so, you can become become a prolific pocket shooter and improve your scores.

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