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Walk A Straight Bowling Line

It has been said many times that accuracy in bowling comes from good footwork.

If you wish to improve your accuracy, walk a straight bowling line.

So many mistakes made when delivering the ball come from walking inconsistent lines, your walking path, to the foul line.

If you walk a straight line, as example, when you are standing in or near the center area of the approach, you will slide on the same board at the foul line.

If you are shooting a corner pin spare, such as the 10 pin for a right handed bowler or a 7 pin for a left handed bowler, and you walk toward the middle of the approach and slide nearer the center area at the foul line instead of on the same board you were standing on when taking your stance, then your accuracy is subject to error.

If you decide to play the 1st arrow and you walk to the center of the approach at the foul line, you can walk away from your target on the lane and possibly miss the target, go against the lane condition, and get a poor ball reaction resulting in a pocket miss.

It is not vital to walk a straight line. Many great players walk left (right handed bowlers - opposite for left handed bowlers) but have calculated where they will slide at the foul line and where they need to sight on the lane.

Being precise in walking to the line regardless of where you stand on the approach works best for the majority of players.

When you vary your walking path, you also vary your ball release point on the lane surface and where it passes your sighting target down the lane.

Excessive drift away from your chosen line can cause you to vary your swing path and make poor releases when delivering your ball.

A change in delivery path angle can cause you to miss the pocket or miss a spare, if you are not careful.

For best results, walk your chosen path and avoid unneeded drifting away from that path.

Accuracy depends on a consistent walking path once you choose the line you wish to play on the lane.

Walk a bowling fine line and increase your pocket percentage and improve your scores.

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