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You Do Not Have To Bowl Your Best To Score Well

By:, Originally Posted: 1/19/17; Updated 6/25/2020

If you are struggling just a little with your game, remember that you do not have to bowl your best to score well.

It is possible to score well in competition even when you are not at the top of your game.

You can score very nicely by eliminating silly mistakes and by working very hard to pick up routine spares.

When you learn to accept that you will not be at your very best each time you bowl, you can relax. You can then trust your skills.

Bowl smart; it is easy to say but if you apply yourself, focus on what you can do and not on what you are unable to do, you can hit the pocket often enough to cash in on strikes and leave fairly easy spares to convert.

In doing so, your scores will not suffer even if you feel you are not bowling nearly as well as you are capable of bowling.

If you are making poor shots, as example, then do not try to overpower the lanes.

Instead bowl at a comfortable tempo, stay balanced while walking and swinging your ball, release your bowling ball smoothly, and focus on hitting your target.

Avoid grabbing at your ball and then forcing your swing and release.

Eliminate as much muscle tension in your arm, neck and your shoulders.

Match your steps to your swing using an even-tempo.

Strive for little or no head movement while you bowl. This will help you keep good balance.

Finally, use a bowling ball which provides a controllable ball reaction so your alignment and adjustments become as simple as possible giving you the best chances at hitting the pocket and converting spares.

Make one good shot at a time and remember, you do not have to bowl your best to score well.

Another factor in helping you score well is to stabilize your ball reaction by controlling your ball speed. Repeat good shots at the same speed so you can govern your ball skid distance. With consistent ball speed, it becomes possible to control your ball reaction in the mid-lane and on the back end of the lane. By avoiding forcing your swing and release, you will establish a consistent swing tempo to help you get a reliable ball reaction.


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