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Be A Bowling Shot Maker, Originally Posted: 12/3/2013; Updated: 1/24/2023

If you want to improve your shot making capabilities, learn to swing in the “slot” and know how to line-up to the pocket.
When you are lined up to the pocket properly, it becomes relatively difficult to miss your mark on the lane. If you hit your mark, it is tough to miss the pocket.
All you need is to be a decent shot maker with the ability to repeat deliveries at an identical launch speed when your bowling ball leaves your hand is to be sliding on the proper board, keep your forward swing tucked in close to your body, and avoid overturning your ball.
It is surprising how often bowlers will allow their bodies to dictate their swing path as the ball makes it's way from the backswing to delivery.
In many cases, bowlers find their hips and legs get in the way of the swing path.
Learn to walk your lines on the approach so you can rely on your swing path to match your intended delivery path.
Keep your forward swing close to your body and stay behind the ball as long as you can when your thumb exits the ball and you will reproduce consistent shots along your proper delivery path.

The swing path is a composite path encompassing the backswing and forward swing in relation to the sighting target on the lane.
Bowlers typically will refer to the intended swing path as the swing slot. When your swing is in the slot, you can rely on a gravity or natural swing motion to create the tempo needed to release your ball at a desired ball speed and at the desired delivery angle.
If you develop good footwork walking lines, your job will become far easier to develop a natural swing and one which is repetitive and follows the proper swing path to the intended sighting target.
Once you are able to do so, you will improve your shot making skills, improve your accuracy, and hit the pocket repeatedly.

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