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Your Bowling Target And Ball Path

By:, Originally  Posted: 11/4/16; Updated: 1/11/2022

Hitting your bowling spot on the lane is not enough if you wish to get a desired ball reaction. The trick is to also make sure you hit your bowling target and ball path.

Your bowling ball can be tracked on its journey to the pins from the time it contacts the lane surface, through the two transitions it makes in the mid-lane and at the breakpoint, and the angle of entry it rolls into the pocket.

Visualize the path your ball will follow from the contact point on the lane until it hits the pins.

Each bowler uses a different path based on the amount of hook their given release techniques allow.

Visualize your ball path and then pinpoint your sight target on the lane along that ball path to the pocket.

This visualization process implies that not only is it important to hit your sight target on the lane but also to use a proper direction your ball travels from the contact point on the lane surface when you first release your ball to the sight target and beyond.

It is possible to hit your target, or very close to the target, but at varying delivery path angles.

Consistency with your swing and release direction to your target is very important in attaining a reliable ball reaction.

Make sure when you work on your physical game you spend time on your forward swing path toward your sight target based on where you position yourself on the approach and where you slide at the foul line.

Being properly aligned to the pocket based on a given oil pattern is only one part of getting a good ball reaction. You must also deliver your ball on a consistent directional path to your target.

When you need a strike in a key competitive situation, as an advanced and highly skilled player, you become fully committed to your bowling sight target.

In addition to proper alignment, your forward swing direction is another chief component for your ball in order for it to follow its best path through your sight target and eventually into the pocket.

These are other factors below (all of which influence bowling ball motion) also are keys in getting a good ball reaction:

*Consistent ball speed in the right speed range for the given lane condition
*Consistent bowling ball axis of rotation and tilt
*Appropriate coverstock surface texture to control your ball skid distance in the front end
*Ball construction or symmetry
*Consistent loft distance control
*Drilling Layout


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