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Hybrid Bowling Ball Coverstock

By:, 10/4/16

There are several coverstock classifications in modern bowling ball technology. Among these classifications is the Hybrid bowling ball coverstock.

In addition to solid reactive, pearl reactive, and regular urethane coverstock classifications, the industry has developed in recent years the Hybrid coverstock designed to expand bowling ball reaction capabilities.

Essentially, Hybrid coverstocks offer additional ball reaction options to it’s forerunner coverstocks and thereby offer you additional tools to combat varying oil patterns.

Hybrid reactive coverstocks are a combination of solid and pearl reactive coverstocks with the purpose of taking advantage of the benefits of both types.

Hybrid coverstocks offer the mid-lane reaction of a solid coverstock and the back end reaction of a pearl coverstock.

Hybrid coverstocks offer the versatility of friction match-ups on the lane surface.

Hybrid balls will give you the front end ball skid distance you seek on medium oil conditions and respond decisively at the break point to the pocket, similar to pearl reactive coverstocks.

Hybrid coverstocks are also now available in polished or matte finishes. Each finish influences track flare and ball skid distance.

As with all reactive coverstocks, the hybrid coverstocks allow for altering the surface textures to tweak your ball reaction.

Regarding the composition of Hybrid coverstocks, they are usually one part reactive solid material and one part reactive pearl material.

Usually, the two parts are different colors. Sometimes, the manufacturer will share information as to which color is the solid part and which color is the pearl part.

Reaction-wise, reactive hybrid coverstocks tend to be right between solids and pearls.

Hybrid coverstocks will vary in ball reaction capabilities depending on the manufacturer. Another factor influencing ball motion with Hybrid bowling balls is the drilling layout. Just as these coverstocks can be tweaked in surface texture using various grit pads to affect ball skid distance, the drilling layout options also provide variations in back end reaction. Versatility is the intent and by-product of Hybrid bowling balls. Nearly every top tier player relies on Hybrid bowling balls to expand and round out their bowling equipment arsenals.


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