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Bowling Ball Skid Leads To A Consistent Ball Reaction

By:, Originally Posted: 9/1/16; Updated: 2/6/2022

Although you are an experienced and advanced bowler, if you wish to improve your performances on challenging lane conditions, it is key to know your bowling ball skid leads to a consistent ball reaction.

Bowlers will typically think in terms of how their bowling ball reacts on the back portion of a given lane.

Instead, develop an awareness of controlling your ball skid distance on the front end of the lane and you will see your ball react consistently on the back end of the lane.

Oil patterns, lane topography, and the bowling ball you use certainly affect your ball reaction.

When you control ball skid, you control the first transition point in the mid-lane.

This is particularly important on challenging oil patterns where the pattern does not easily steer your ball to the pocket.

As you know, once your ball is released onto the lane surface, the ball will skid a given distance until it slows from the skid phase to the next phase of ball motion, the hook phase.

Add the factors of your given release technique coupled with the launch speed by which you propel your ball down the lane, your skid distance is will be in direct relationship with these factor.

If you can regulate your ball speed and develop a consistent release, your chances at gaining a controllable ball skid distance on challenging oil patterns improves.

Paying attention to your ball skid distance and when your ball hooks at the breakpoint will signal if you must make an adjustment of some kind if and when your ball does not hit the pocket with a reasonable degree of consistency. Your initial alignment also is a factor affecting ball skid because if you release your ball in the heaviest concentration of oil, your skid distance is maximized. As the condition changes or when you move to a new pair of lanes, you may encounter slightly more or less oil on the front ends and your skid distance is affected accordingly. Strive to control your ball skid and it will lead to a consistent ball reaction.


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