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Your Bowling Ball Skid Distance

By:, Originally Posted: 4/4/17; Updated: 11/6/2021

When you hear or read the term “bowling ball reaction”, you think of the overall motion your ball makes as it travels down the lane.

It is your bowling ball skid distance which turns out to be one of the factors which shapes your ball reaction motion.

Your ball skid distance is the 1st phase of your ball motion. It is the one phase of ball motion where you have most control.

The skid distance determines how far your ball slides on the front end of the lane and how quickly it gains lane surface traction in the mid-lane.

Your ability to control your release technique and your selection in bowling balls are ways you can control your ball skid distance.

Others are your ball speed when you release the ball, your loft distance beyond the foul line, and also the type of coverstock and ball surface texture contribute to governing your ball skid distance on any given lane oil pattern.

Naturally, on heavy front end oil, your ball will skid much easier and further than it will on a lesser volume of oil applied the lane surface.

Since you cannot control the lane oil pattern, you must rely on your selection of bowling ball coverstock and its surface texture options to combat the given lane condition.

Next, the consistency in which you release your bowling ball coupled with your axis of rotation and tilt will influence your bowling ball skid distance.

The other aforementioned factors of ball speed control and loft will also contribute to your ball skid distance.

It cannot be stated enough how important it is for you to keep your bowling ball surfaces prepared and ready for use when you bowl in competition. Since your bowling ball coverstock selection, the surface texture preparation, the drilling layout, and the core construction of your bowling ball are the factors which help determine your ball reaction, it gets down to you controlling ball skid distance by using your ability to release your ball consistently and accurately. Pay most attention to what you can control once you select your bowling ball and angle of attack on any given oil pattern and then work to make one good shot at a time.


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