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Understand Your Bowling Ball Reaction

By:, 5/22/16

If you are averaging more than 185 and have difficulty deciding whether an unwanted ball reaction was caused by you or by lane related factors, it helps first to understand your bowling ball reaction and which factors caused the reaction.

A few factors outside of your direct control which can influence your ball reaction are as follows:

*Bowling Ball Coverstock - the type of coverstock coupled with the given surface texture of your bowling ball determines the degree of friction your ball generates when in contact with the lane surface.

There are a variety of reactive coverstocks, as example.

Examples are matte finish reactive coverstocks (typically a very aggressive coverstock), shiny reactive coverstocks (provides more skid distance than does a matte finish reactive coverstock), and pearl reactive coverstocks which provides the greatest skid distance in the reactive coverstock category, and of course, hybrid coverstocks providing both good skid distance and back end reaction capabilities.

The higher the amount of friction, the quicker your ball reacts on the lane.

The less amount of surface friction, the longer your ball will skid before reaching the 2nd phase of ball motion, the hook phase.

*Bowling Ball Core Construction - The core design and shape determines the amount of track flare your bowling ball equipment possesses and influences the reaction.

*Altering the Ball Surface Texture - after drilling your ball, you can alter the surface texture by using Abralon grit pads which, depending on the grit rating of a given pad, either extends or reduces the skid length of the ball in the front end of the lane.

The ability to tweak the ball reaction by using varying grit pads on the coverstock surfaces is useful when you need to modify your ball reaction.

*Drilling Layout - controlling your ball reaction is also affected by your chosen layout. The drilling layout influences track flare and correspondingly, your ball reaction.

*Oil Pattern - the oil pattern dictates where you can line up to get the proper ball skid distance and to get your ball to react predictably in the mid-lane and at the breakpoint.

Here is the real key - if you know you made a quality shot when trying to hit the pocket and strike and if your ball reaction does not permit your ball to hit the pocket, then it is one of the aforementioned factors which caused the poor ball reaction, not your technique.

Your responsibility is to trust your knowing that you made a quality shot. Please do not wait to try another shot thinking you will gain a better ball reaction.

Instead, make an adjustment which you know you can control and avoid waiting too many frames and continue getting a poor ball reaction.

Of course, you must be prepared to make adjustments you trust and have proven to work well in the past in order to try and restore a reliable ball reaction and hit the pocket again routinely.

Do not hesitate to trust your judgement when you know factors outside your direct control caused a poor ball reaction. Make the adjustment you believe will work best the next time you bowl on the same lane.

Visualize making another good shot when you know it is time to make the adjustment you feel necessary.

Success in scoring comes from the combination of understanding the factors of the game you cannot control and knowing which factors you can control and use when needed most.

Experience is key to making good bowling decisions. Trying an adjustment and not being afraid to try another if the first adjustment does not yield your desired ball reaction is a result of experience and from practice.

Experienced pro shop professionals and bowling instructors can help you gain more insight into what it takes to create and maintain a controllable ball reaction and to use your skills to your benefit.

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