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Swing Your Bowling Arm Upward Toward Your Sight Target

By:, 4/4/16

Swing your bowling arm upward toward your sight target. Also, swing upward, not outward.

These are two important keys to a reliable swing and follow through motion.

As an advanced and experienced bowler, it is easy to get in a hurry to deliver a good shot. Every good bowler does it.

The challenge is to avoid over -extending your follow through where your bowling shoulder rotates way past your non-bowling shoulder.

This ineffective movement can cause you you pull your head and shoulders outward in front of your sliding knee, your back foot comes off the floor, and you lose balance.

The motto here is to swing up, not out. Reach up, not out.

If your bowling arm is 32 inches long from wrist to shoulder, avoid trying to make it 42 inches long and over-extend your upper body past your slide knee at the foul line resulting in a loss of balance and accuracy.

Swing your arm upward and toward the sight target you choose for each given shot you make.
Right handed power players hooking the ball a great deal will appear to follow through left because their shoulders are generally very open as the swing moves into position to release the ball.

Stroker type players who only hook the ball modestly will appear to swing their arm right allowing for the ball to follow the intended ball delivery path to the sight target.

The key is to follow through upward and toward your sight target to maintain good balance during the critical moment you release your ball and so your ball follows your intended delivery path.

You must completely trust your swing so you get a repeatable motion and so your ball skid distance can be consistent and establish expectations for a reliable ball reaction.

Swing your bowling arm upward toward your sight target.

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