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Think Before You Bowl

By:, Originally Posted: 11/19/16; Updated: 1/4/2022

If you are prone to making silly mistakes on the lanes, then think before you bowl.

Regardless of your experience or skill levels making mistakes out of carelessness costs you pinfall and risks a winning performance.

Even the very best professionals make mistakes when bowling in competition.

What you can do to reduce the scope and frequency of mistakes is to simply think about what you wish to do before stepping onto the approach and bowling.

Here are a few examples:

*Use a pre-shot routine in preparation to bowl. Make your decisions of how you wish to align to the pocket or to spares before stepping onto the approach.

*Remind yourself to make a smooth start with your first step and getting your swing initiated effortlessly and on time.

*Visualize making a well paced approach and swing movement before actually beginning to bowl.

*Focus on making one good shot at a time.

*Focus on taking dead aim at a specific sight target before beginning your approach.

* Minimize muscle tension while you bowl, particularly with your legs, bowling arm, neck, and shoulders.

*Hold your form when bowling in competition.

The point with these tips is to think before bowling.

Your job as a bowler is to know what it takes to make a good shot, think about what you intend to do before you begin your approach, and then focus only on making a good shot.

If you do not get a desired result, then think about what you must do next to adjust.

Success comes from developing good physical game fundamentals, planning your strategies before beginning to bowl, and then applying them in competition. By developing sound pre-shot routine, you enable your ability to repeat quality shots. Regardless of how anxious or nervous you may feel during competition, avoid abandoning your routine and thinking about your shot process before rushing to deliver your bowling ball. Think, then act. Trust your skills.


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