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Bowling Visualization

Publish Date: 10/10/15

Bowling visualization is an important psychological skill commonly used by athletes in all sports. In bowling, visualization can be used to enhance your skills, to help you prepare for important competition, to build confidence, and for relaxation in preparation for competition.

Sharpening your skills are key functions of visualizing. Your imagination used in a visualization process can help you hone your existing skills.

An important thing in images related to your physical game skills is to be first concerned what you do rather than be concerned with the results of your performance in competition.

Another benefit of visualization is increasing your chances of executing your game skills to your best capability.

The goal is to use what you have learned and what you have trained to do. Visualization is used most effectively as part of your mental routine prior to your competitive sessions.

Visualization allows you to see any circumstance you might face and then mentally rehearse what you can do leading to a successful result. Mentally practicing your game skills helps you handle competitive challenges.

You can visualize making successful adjustments in hitting the pocket, as example.

As other examples, you can visualize converting all your spares, carrying the corner pins, avoiding distractions from your opponents, or overcoming a slow start by finishing your session very strongly.

Visualizing success does, in fact, contribute to confidence building.

There are two types of confidence levels visualization leads to, inner and outer confidence.

Inner confidence helps you see making good shots when bowling in wide ranges of competition.

Outer confidence helps you see the results such as winning an event, getting the key strike, or perhaps something as simple as making the good shot you absolutely know you are capable of making.

Don’t forget to visualize past successes and use those images to raise your confidence level.

It is fairly commonplace to hear the term “have confidence.” Visualization is a simple tool which helps you develop and maintain concentration.

Make focus and concentration a part of your pre-shot routine. It only takes a second of time to see a good shot, to visualize an approach, a swing, a release, or a result before you prepare to bowl.

Keep the visualization process short and sweet and then you will be prepared to call on your powers of concentration repeatedly during a full competitive session.

Visualization to relax is a life skill but it certainly applies to bowling in competition.

Relax, use breathing techniques you may have already developed, and reduce your stress to manageable levels before engaging in meaningful competition.

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