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How To Pick Up Spares For Beginners

By:, Originally Posted: 5/10/17,  Updated: 10/30/23

Beginners and bowling spares go hand in hand if you are new to the game and wish to record good scores. As a new bowler, it is important to learn that spares reward your strikes. Of course, stringing strikes is the objective of all bowlers at any skill level but it is in the reduction of open frames which raises scores and makes your strikes really count.

How To Develop A Reliable Spare Shooting System

Learning a reliable spare shooting system can be easy and fun to practice. Working with a bowling coach is a great way to develop a reliable spare shooting system, allowing you to align to any spare on the lane whether it be a single pin spare or a cluster of pins.

The most difficult task for new bowlers when shooting spares is to develop a habit of aligning your body to face the given spare but yet walk in a straight line and swing your bowling ball toward your aim point. The services of a bowling coach can help you avoid carelessness associated with not focusing completely on your spare shots and improve your alignment for strike deliveries.

Are Spares More Important Than Strikes?

Although, it is certainly fun to roll for strikes. Spares are, however, an integral part of the game and if you work to excel in converting routine spares, you will enjoy the benefits of good scores. A reliable system for adjusting to spares makes you become a more efficient spare shooter than just standing anyplace on the approach and free wheeling your delivery in hopes of picking up your spares.

You will find that as you progress in the game and become an able spare shooter, your ability to deliver the strike ball into the pocket giving you increased chances at getting strikes also improves. Never take any spare for granted. Focus on your aim point and swing and release your ball to that point.

How To Easily Convert Your Spares

*Walk a straight line but align your bowling shoulder and toes of your bowling shoes along the path your ball must travel to pick up the key pin in your spare.

*Follow through with your bowling hand finishing at your aim point on the lane.

*Practice moving to the corners of the approach and rolling shots to the corner pins on the opposite side of the lane.

*Use a graduated adjustment positioning of 3-6-9 boards (a time tested and sound spare adjustment system) where you move further toward the corner of the lane for corner pins spares and adjust fewer boards when rolling for pins nearer the center of the lane.

*For spares on the left side of the lane, move right. For spares on the right side of the lane, move left.

*Adjust either 3 boards, 6 boards, or 9 boards and use the same aim point on the lane.


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