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Be Your Own Bowling Coach

By:, 5/17/17

Can you be your own bowling coach?

If you resist taking lessons from an instructor, then coach yourself.

Here is how:

*Capture video on your cell phone or with a camcorder of some sort.

*Shoot side view shots and rear view shots. Ask a friend to do the video honors while you bowl.

*Record perhaps three shots from each viewing angle where you can see your entire body walking and swinging your bowling ball.

*Replay the video of each shot and take note of any area of your physical game you believe needs attention. Assess your own weaknesses and implement a fix.

*After practicing your own fixes, capture more video so you compare before and after shots and see for yourself if you have improved your game.

*If you fail coaching yourself successfully, then you know taking a lesson or two from an experienced instructor can help you nail down specific keys in your game to address.

*After working on the areas of your game the instructor recommends and when you feel ready, capture video once again and monitor your progress.

*Keep the video of your improved form for future referencing.

Now all of this sounds easy and sensible when you consider this at face value.

It is your own fear which may hold you back if you refuse to work with a good coach and develop a series of practice techniques where you can work on your game yourself going forward.

If you truly wish to improve, some sacrifices must be made. No physical game changes ever come easy and no one ever masters the game fully.

So set out to be your own bowling coach. If you need outside help first to improve your game, you will know soon and you can engage the services of an instructor.

You can be your own coach and be very successful as an improved player if you establish a reliable and sound practice plan. Once you identify key parts of your physical game in need of work, then practice each in an orderly manner by spending a few minutes focusing on one key element of your game at a time before moving on the another. Try to keep your practice sessions simple and pointed to specific purposes. Start with establishing a reliable pre-shot routine so each time you bowl, you are mentally and physically ready to begin your approach. Practice with purpose and work as hard as you would during stiff competition.


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