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Focus For A Moment When Preparing To Bowl

By:, Originally Posted: 12/9/16; Updated: 12/21/2021

If you are prone to making careless mistakes on the lanes, focus for a moment when preparing to bowl.

Regardless of your experience or skill level, avoid making unneeded mistakes by thinking for a moment or two before you bowl.

Everyone gets careless from time to time. You can, however, reduce careless mistakes by using your pre-shot routine to include a moment of decision where you wish to position yourself on the approach, where you wish to sight on the lane, and how you wish to walk, swing, and release your bowling ball.

Take a moment to visualize your shot before actually getting on the approach readying to bowl.

It only takes a second or two to become physically very still, exhale slightly, commit to your alignment decision, and “feel” your swing and release before bowling.

The very best professionals make mistakes when bowling in competition but they are careful to take a moment of planning and preparing when they pick up their bowling ball off of the rack and stand behind the approach awaiting their turn to bowl.

Get into a habit of planning your shot before stepping onto the approach and then working your plan when you set yourself preparing to bowl.

Here are a few examples of keys to focus on before actually beginning your approach:

*Make a smooth start with your first step and getting your swing initiated effortlessly and on time.

*Focus only on making one good shot at a time.

*Take dead aim at a specific sight target.

*Relax and minimize muscle tension.

Think before you bowl.

Not everyone, yourself included, can make a good shot every time. If you do not get a desired result, avoid getting discouraged, take a moment to reflect on the previous shot, then immediately update your thinking to what you must do preparing for your next shot.

Success comes from building a sound physical game. You must also use your powers to concentrate on which strategy you need in playing the lanes and in choosing the right bowling ball based on the conditions you face. By developing rock-solid pre-shot routine, you enable yourself to avoid careless mistakes, to repeat quality shots, and to advance through each frame and each game relying on your skills to propel you to a successful session on the lanes. Take a moment to think, trust your decisions, and then act.


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