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Develop Your Personal Bowling Practice Plan

By:, 9/24/16

Updated 6/19/2020

Every bowler can benefit from a structured and organized system of working on their games. If you develop your personal bowling practice plan, you can customize your time spent working on aspects of your game in a way that matches your time and the budget you dedicate for practice sessions.

A practice plan can be generalized into focusing on only one or two aspects of your game.

Your plan can be developed into a diverse plan which includes perhaps six categories relative to your physical game.

Because so many elements of your physical game are interrelated, it is a good idea to spend some time on the these keys to your game so you can effectively tune your game each time you practice away from competition.

As example, you can choose categories such as Set-Up, Footwork, Timing and Swing, Release, Balance, and Finish Position to feature in your practice plan.

Under each category, you can develop two or three sub-categories such as Posture and Alignment under the Set-Up category.

Perhaps under the Footwork category you can develop Tempo and Direction so you spend some time working on your pace of steps and the direction you walk from any alignment positioning on the approach.

The same sub-categories could be developed under the Timing and Swing category. You can practice your Swing Tempo and Swing Directional path toward your target on the lane.

For a Release category, you can develop a sub-category such as Moment of Release where you focus on exiting your thumb and fingers from the ball at a key moment relative to your sliding bowling shoe. You can focus on your hand position making sure you rotate your fingers smoothly and sufficiently to achieve the given degree of Axis of Rotation and Tilt needed for your most effective release technique. You can include loft distance and controlling your ball speed as sub-categories for Release category.

Balance category can use a sub-category such as Posture which includes maintaining your Spine Angle throughout your approach and release. You can work on keeping your head and upper body stable and motionless as you walk and swing your bowling ball.

For a Finish Position category, you can include sub-categories such as holding your form until your ball passes your sight target and completing your follow-through swing motion in the direction of your sight target. You can also include Focusing on your sight target and watching your ball closely until it leaves the pin deck.

Your personal practice plan can simply be an extension of all the little things you monitor or watch for as you bowl. Also include tips your instructor recommends for you to work on. Organized these elements of your game into an outline format or into a master matrix where you can spend perhaps 4 or 5 minutes working on each key element in your categories.

The essential intent of forming your own plan is to make sure you spend time each practice session tuning your best bowling assets in preparation for your next competitive bowling event.

How detailed you develop a plan is your option. If you choose simplicity and only like to work on your steps or swing, then further develop specific keys to these aspects of your game so you do not overlook working on what helps you bowl your best. Of course, you can expand your plan into mental game strategies and alignment and adjustment techniques, if you wish. You can also include your bowling ball equipment as part of your plan. Use your primary bowling balls each time you bowl so you understand comparative ball reaction differences and ensure you have maintained the surfaces of your equipment having them ready for competition.


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