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Beginner Bowler FAQ 2 continues to share questions with our readers that we receive relating to articles posted on our site. This beginner bowler FAQ 2 article features another random question sent to us by a new bowler visiting our community. We address this question in this ongoing series of articles known as beginner bowler FAQ 2.
We hope our response helps new bowlers learn about the game.
We cannot possibly keep our response to any question short and direct in content without likely omitting information which could expand your knowledge. So, we invite you to share your thoughts by making a comment under any posted article and help us pass along useful ideas.
Here is the question for this article presented by a beginner bowler:

Q. My friend tells me to aim at the 2nd arrow on my side of the lane. Any suggestions how or where I need to be on the approach to walk up and give myself a fighting chance at hitting the mark?
A. Let's assume you are a right handed bowler and presently deliver your bowling ball in a straight path to the pins where the ball does not curve or hook. Position the toe of your bowling sliding shoe to the right of the center guide dot on the approach floor between the center guide and the guide to the right of the center guide dot.
The trick here is to walk in a straight path to the foul line and avoid wandering or drifting off line.
If you wander off a straight walking path to the line, then the target on the lane (the 2nd arrow) becomes an incorrect aiming point. You will either miss the mark completely or, if you hit the mark, your ball will miss the pocket. It is important to walk the straight line path to deliver the ball.
Take note that with this positioning on the approach, your bowling shoulder is lined up with the 2nd arrow. If you walk your straight line path, you will be able to deliver your ball by allowing your bowling hand to follow the ball in a straight direction to your target.
If you curve or hook your ball slightly, then you may need to adjust your starting position on the approach by placing your sliding bowling shoe toe on the center guide dot. Then, walk a straight path to deliver the ball, and aim at the 2nd arrow. If done successfully, your delivery angle will widen and allow the ball to curve or hook to the pocket.
As a quick and simple rule of thumb, if your ball misses the mark to the right, move your starting position on the approach to the right. If you miss left, move left. Move about three inches (boards as we refer to them) in the appropriate direction so your delivery angle to the 2nd arrow gets the ball started on a good line to the pocket.
It may be that the 2nd arrow is not a good sighting target for a given lane condition. Because the process of alignment and making adjustments is an important one and can be challenging, we at recommend you consult a professional instructor and learn about alignment. You can also pick up good tips from an experienced coach relating to other aspects of your physical game so you gain accuracy and have fun bowling.
We thank the bowler who shared this question with us for this article. If you are an experienced bowler and wish to comment, feel free to do so. Your comments are most welcomed. Be sure to check the "Improve Your Game" link in "BowlVersity" on the home page of our site for instructional article posts. Thank you.
Rich Carrubba

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