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An Ordinary Bowler Missing Too Many Spares, Originally Posted: 1/4/17; Updated 1/7/2024

If you are an ordinary bowler missing too many spares, then you may want to discuss the matter with an instructor and work toward developing a reliable spare alignment system so you can raise your average.

In other words, becoming an improved “spare-shooter” means you must establish a system of aligning to the given spare and select an associated sight target for aiming purposes.

If speaking with a coach is out of the question at this time, joining an online bowling chat forum, like the Facebook group or is another excellent option you may do from the safety of your home.

The oil conditioning pattern applied to the lane surfaces use blended amounts of oil across the lane and down the lane.

If your coach can help you align to any key pin for any pin combination you might face when shooting at spares, you can align to the spare and use the benefit of the oil conditioner on the lane to help steer you ball toward that key pin you are targeting.

If you use an alignment working against the oil pattern, you also work against using the oil build up on given portions of the lane to help you control your ball skid distance and, in turn, you may get a ball reaction steering your ball away from that key pin.

No bowler relishes hard work just to be an improved spare-shooter. However, learning a simple alignment system to help you follow the oil pattern to get a consistent ball reaction and to make more spares can be both easy and fun.

If you lack confidence in your current spare alignment system (or non-system), do not hesitate to consult with an experienced instructor.

Specifically, your instructor can help you align to the spares so when your ball contacts the oil build up on the lane surface at an appropriate angle, you will not see your ball either skid too far or break across the spare too quickly causing another missed conversion attempt.

Once you decide on the system you feel best serves your style of bowling, then spend some time practicing and avoid worrying about strikes or score until you have improved your ability to convert more spares routinely than ever before.

When you buy a modern bowling ball, the ball surface can provide an oil sensitive coverstock (cover).

These modern coverstocks gain traction on the portions of the lane with little or no oil application as well as skid immediately when it contacts the portions of the lane with an oil build-up.

If you become skilled at using the oil as your “friend”, you will more easily gain a reliable ball reaction to spares you want to convert in much the same way as the oil can help you hit the pocket and get more strikes than you presently enjoy.

Improving your bowling average begins with becoming a good “spare-shooter.” Coupled with learning a new spare shooting system, your instructor can also help you sharpen your physical game skills so you are able to repeat making good shots at an improved rate than in the past. Coaching is a wonderful and fun experience where you can learn more about your game and about strategies to play the lanes in accordance to the oil patterns you face most frequently.


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