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Improve Your Bowling Average Scores

By:, 11/2/16

If you are averaging in the range of 150 to 170, in order to improve your bowling average scores you must reduce open frames and increase your percentage of pocket hits each series of games you bowl.

Cut down the number of bad shots you make. Strengthen your physical game, learn to improve your alignment to the pocket and adjustments skills, and become a much improved spare shooter.

Toss in understanding your bowling ball equipment and developing a maintenance routine to preserve the ball surfaces and texture the surfaces to best match with the oil patterns you face in competition.

* There are numerous spare systems. Make sure you adopt a spare system which you are both comfortable using and one which works well on lane conditions you face most often.

It is a simple matter of reducing the number of open frames you accrue during a typical series of games in competition to raise your average. Picking up routine spares and improving on difficult spare shots are keys to raising your average.

If you are having any difficulties in consistency when shooting spares, check with your bowling instructor to find the right spare shooting strategy to help your game and to determine if you use a bowling ball which helps or hinders your spare shooting abilities.

*Hitting the pocket is one important key to raising your average. Increasing your pocket hitting percentage is the best way of getting more strikes and leaving easy spares to convert. Hitting the pocket an improved number of times per league series will surely help you improve your scores.

Initial alignment to the pocket when you begin your competitive session is important so you can get off to a good start the first game you bowl.

Making sensible adjustments when your ball reaction wavers after a few frames or after a game is key to preserving your ability to hit the pocket. Learn to make feet positioning adjustments and sight target adjustments based on the
oil conditions on the lanes to an advantage.

If you are having any trouble with alignment to the pocket issues, then check in again with your bowling instructor to double check your alignment and adjustment strategies.

The lane conditions will change as you bowl in your league because of the amount of linage on your pair of lanes and because several bowlers on your pair of lanes use the same area on the lane surface to deliver their bowling balls.

Developing a sensible adjustment system is an important task if you wish to continue hitting the pocket and giving yourself the best chances at striking.

*Finally, tune your physical game so you increase your percentage of good shots each session on the lanes. Making good shots must precede making good alignment and adjustment decisions. Spend time practicing your key aspects of your game and make sure you stay in form so you are best prepared to meet the challenges of competition.

In summary, spend time on spare shooting during practice sessions, pay attention to your system of alignment and adjustments, and work on your game skills so your scores improve and your average increases.

Using the services of an experienced and successful bowling instructor is the one common denominator where good coaching can help you improve the above mentioned keys to improving your game scores. In most areas of the country, using the services of an experienced and/or certified instructor is not expensive but pay dividends if you improve in one or more of these key areas related to your game. Develop a practice plan so you can make best use of your resources when you do find time to bowl a few practice games.


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