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Bowling In The Wind, Originally Posted: 12/7/2014; Updated: 8/2/2022

Let’s assume you were in an outdoor center and were bowling in the wind.

One thing for certain is that while you were walking on the approach to deliver your bowling ball, you would be conscious of maintaining your balance.

You would not want to walk off your desired walking lines due to a gust of wind.

You may even take your mind off of your spot on the lane which is where you want to your ball to pass through on the way to the pocket.

Bowling in the wind is something we can all agree would be a distraction and could cause inaccurate shots.

Since there are many articles on this site published about maintaining good body balance when bowling, let’s focus on two simple keys which will help you keep good balance, even if you were bowling outdoors in a stiff breeze.

One key is to keep your head as motionless as possible from the time you take your stance on the approach and all the way through completion of your swing and follow-through motion.

Your head is an important part of keeping good balance.

The other key to balance is to find the focal point in your body which centers your balance and keeps you walking on your desired path.

If you were to practice bowling and think about keeping your body center stabilized and with no head movement while you bowl, your shotmaking ability will improve in reasonable time.

If you were to think about the visualization of bowling in the wind, these two keys will help you maintain good balance and allow you to make good shots.

If you find your game suffering a little, then focus on your center of balance and keeping your head still. Results at the pins begin with making good shots and keeping your balance is the best place to begin.

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