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Slide Closer To The Bowling Foul Line

If you are a bowler who completes your bowling slide 6 or more inches behind the foul line, you are making it difficult to regulate consistent ball loft and get the ball onto the lane surface at an effective angle of delivery.

It is surprising how many bowlers slide one foot or more behind the line. In many cases, bowlers admit to “the fear of fouling” when sliding so far behind the line.It is so easy to train yourself to slide nearer to the foul line to better regulate your delivery style, that it makes little sense not to do so.

If you slide a foot or more behind the line, it is difficult to get the ball consistently over the foul line without bouncing the ball onto the approach floor. Bowlers who drop the ball behind the foul line and do not get the ball to first contact the lane bed beyond the foul line are many of the same bowlers who fail to slide near the line.

An important key in increasing your ability to get more strikes is to gain an effective roll on your bowling ball. By dumping the ball off of your hand and having it bounce onto the floor behind the line stifles effective roll.

Consistently sliding very close to the foul line, say one or two inches behind the line, makes it much easier to get the ball out onto the lane surface without heaving the ball upward and then seeing it fall onto the lane and bounce several times before settling into a roll.


Allowing your bowling ball to release from your bowling hand and descend gradually onto the lane to avoid bouncing when contacting the lane beyond the foul line is the objective. When your ball glides onto the lane bed beyond the foul line, it contacts the portion of the floor where oil conditioner is applied during the lane maintenance procedure.

Getting your ball onto the lane with a gradual angle of descent enhances the ball skidding motion and stores energy for the back end of the lane. By regulating your ball delivery speed and controlling your angle of descent onto the lane, your effective roll improves.

It goes without saying that sliding very near the foul line makes your task of delivering the bowling ball a much easier process than sliding two feet behind the line.

Next time you practice, move up on the approach the necessary amount so you can take the same approach and footsteps you are accustomed to taking and end up with your sliding bowling shoe only an inch or two behind the line. This sliding technique will help you improve your shot-making.

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