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How Should My Bowling Ball Fit?

If you are asking how should my bowling ball should fit, there are several factors to consider.

Pro Shop ball drilling professionals must first measure your hand to determine the size and shape of your gripping fingers and thumb. Also, your hand must be examined to determine how your hand opens and closes, the shape of your fingers and thumb, and the span of your hand (distance between your thumb and gripping fingers).

Once the professional has completed the measuring and fitting process, then the drilling procedure begins.

After your new ball is drilled and the holes are beveled, contoured, and shaped to fit your gripping fingers and thumb, the new ball should fit like a glove without much looseness in the fingers or thumb holes.

A snug fit will still enable you to avoid squeezing the ball during the swing and release process since the holes will be drilled into the ball to form fit your hand and allow for a smooth and consistent release.

If you are using a conventional grip, your fingers will be placed down to the second knuckle joints in the mid portion of both fingers.

In the conventional grip, you must place your thumb down into the ball as far as the hole allows so the thumb is completely hidden down in the hole.

Avoid allowing your thumb or fingers to be placed only half way down into the holes.

In doing so, you will not be working with the pitch angles drilled into the holes and you will prohibit a smooth and effective release.

In a fingertip grip, your fingers will be placed down to the first knuckle joints nearest the tips of your fingers while your thumb is inserted fully into the hole as in the case of a conventional grip drilling.

The palm of your hand should be fairly flat against the surface of the ball without excessive stretching of your hand to access the gripping holes.

If your palm of your hand has too much space from the surface of the ball and does not lie flat on the ball and if your fingers and thumb are fully inserted into the ball properly, then the ball is too short in span distance and should be corrected by the pro shop personnel.

There are a few additional tips you can follow to grip your ball properly and to enhance a smooth and consistent release:

*Support the weight of the ball in your non-bowling hand.

*Carefully place your bowling fingers into the holes before inserting your thumb.

*Once the fingers and thumb are fully inserted in the ball, make sure they are inserted as far as the holes permit.

*Care should be taken to fit your fingers into the holes of the ball in the same manner each time you are getting ready to bowl.

*When your hand is placed properly into the holes of the bowling ball, there needs to be slightly more gripping pressure on the finger pads of your hand than on your thumb pad.

*Avoid gripping the ball too tightly, particularly with the thumb. Use slightly more gripping pressure with your fingers than with your thumb.

These simple tips should answer the question how should my bowling ball fit?.

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