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How To Find A Good Bowling Coach

If you wish to learn how to find a good bowling coach, simply begin by referencing the "Bowling Coach Locator" feature on our site where you can find a list of coaches in any state you choose with accompanying contact and certification information. Next, If you are not successful locating a good coach nearby your home, then it is usually a good idea to consult with a local pro shop operator. In many cases, pro shop operators are experienced coaches and offer lessons either by group or individually for very modest fees.

Don't be bashful to ask direct questions, however. It helps to inquire about the pro shop operator's teaching background and possible coaching certifications. The United States Bowling Congress, as example, certifies coaches after passing standardized courses and examinations. These coaches will be certified as Bronze, Silver, or Gold level coaches and are more than able to help you improve your game.

Generally speaking, if someone from an area pro shop is not highly touted by local bowlers as an accomplished coach and not certified by a known organization such as the U.S.B.C. or a national pro shop organization, then likely you may have to continue your search until you find a coach with the experience to help you develop as a bowler.

Often, regional or local bowling newspapers are available at no cost and may be found at your local bowling centers. In almost all cases, coaches will advertise their availability and provide contact information so you may discuss your particular needs. Some newspapers provide a directory of coaches so multiple options are available in determining how to find a good bowling coach.

Another proven way determining how to find a bowling coach is by word-of-mouth. Merely inquire about coaching with your teammates, bowlers in your league, in the pro shops, or perhaps even at the central bowling desk at any area bowling center. It is surprising how many folks have taken bowling instructions by a professional and benefited from doing so. So asking your friends is another good place to begin your search for a coach.

Also, perhaps an accomplished professional bowler, a known professional champion or highly touted amateur champion, resides near enough to your home and is willing to work with you? It is simply a small matter of researching the whereabouts of a professional coach and then getting an appointment set to get started.

It is also important to understand what a professional coach offers to the student. First, if a coach is certified, it means that the given coach has passed a certification course which identifies the key components of the physical game of bowling and develops a fluid plan of action to follow. In effect, the coach will have a matrix or a chart of key components of the physical game and will begin by examining such components as the set-up position on the approach, the posture and balance a bowler displays when moving to the foul line, the bowler's footwork, timing, arm-swing, release, and finishing position. After examining the student, the coach will then begin to offer and implement adjustments to the existing physical game skills the student displays and begin the process of effecting useful changes.

Change takes time and practice. Do not expect a bowling miracle overnight. Normally, it may take as many as five sessions with a coach to integrate new physical game changes into your current delivery system. Be patient and willing to work. Is it true that any small adjustment might feel as though you are making a major change? Not always the case. In fact, a professional coach will typically communicate and detail the areas of your game he or she intends to address before implementing the changes.

In many instances, some of the coaching you will receive may not only revolve around your physical game but also entail information about your bowling equipment, about the development of your competitive strategies, and of course, about the mental aspects of the game. A professional coach can be a great help in improving your skills. Protect your investment in your bowling equipment by utilizing the services of a good coach. Remember, even the top professional players have coaches they consult to stay on top of their games, so why not you?

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