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The 3 C's Of Bowling, Originally Posted: 1/9/2012; 8/21/2023

Let's skip the A's and the B's and skip straight to the 3 C's of bowling. What are the 3 C's of bowling? Well, here they are:

  • Concentration

  • Consistency

  • Confidence

Regardless of the sport you are playing these 3 C's are crucial and bowling is no exception. We will discuss the 3 C's in order of importance. When you gain Concentration it will lead to Consistency, which in turn brings Confidence, in the end all three will achieve improved performance.
In order to bowl, and bowl well, you must be able to perform the physical task, but you also must have the correct frame of mind. We know we all can pick up the ball and get it down the lane, so let's focus on concentration. Concentration is not only important when you are not executing but also when you are executing. Because once you lose your concentration during execution, you will begin making silly errors. Things that will easily distract you are problems at home, school, work, your opponents, and discomfort. You may not think about it to often, but your clothing is important to how you bowl as well. Wear something that you feel good in and make sure your clothes are not too tight or even to baggy. Your bowling shoes can also contribute to your comfort level as well. If your shoes are too tight, too big, or falling apart it is time to give them up and invest in some new shoes.
Now that we have all that behind us, let us focus on what you should be doing when you are on the approach. Position yourself in your starting position and do not forget to focus in on your target. Most importantly do not rush yourself! If you are not ready, you are not ready. What works extremely well before beginning your approach, and when you are focusing in on your target, is to take a deep breath. Why are so many great bowlers doing this? It's obvious, IT WORKS. It clears your mind of everything that is going on in your life and all your previous frames bowled. This is best because your mind is refreshed. Now it is time to begin your approach. Visualize yourself making that smooth approach, release, follow through, and the ball going down the lane and crashing into the pocket. Repeat this every time you are up on approach and it will lead to a routine leading into the next C-Consistency. Remember concentration is the most important aspect of the 3 C's and if you falter on this one the others will begin to collapse along with your score.
Consistency is the name of the game in bowling. Being able to do the same approach and same delivery, every time, brings you closer to becoming a better bowler. Your approach is important, remember we mentioned before if you are not ready then you are not ready. Maintain a moderate, consistent speed every time you are in your approach. Often when your approach is rushed this leads to a dropped shoulder sending the ball wide. Consistency is, for the majority, the most difficult aspect in bowling. When you deliver your ball it is instinctive to bend over when you are setting down a 14-16 pound object, however it is crucial to keep your back straight for a consistent delivery. Another main contributor in inconsistent deliveries is bending of the elbow. A slight bend for lift is acceptable as long as your elbow is pointing down your lane. Always hold your pose until your ball crosses over your mark and watch your ball finish. This accomplishes two things. First, it will ensure you are not rushing out of your approach. Second, watching your ball finish can help you determine if you need to make adjustments. Quite often, you will see people throw a poor shot and turn away in disgust. They are missing how to learn from their mistakes. By watching their ball finish, they will see what happens and can learn how to correct the mistake.
Once you have the first two C's mastered, the third C will come naturally, Confidence. You will gain confidence through your concentration and consistency. Making excellent shots from your concentration and consistency will build your confidence. However, there will be times when you throw a poor shot. Do not be frustrated, it happens to everyone. Be confident and finish the frame, maintain your momentum, and block that shot out of your memory. When you are up on the approach next time, do not forget to take a deep breath clearing your thoughts. Be confident on your next shot.
Focus on keying on the 3 C's of bowling Concentration, Consistency, and Confidence and you will be well on your way to becoming a better bowler. The key is good concentration will lead to consistency leading to confidence, which allows for improved performance.
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