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How Do I Reduce Hook When Bowling For A Corner Pin Spare?

By:, 11/25/16

If you ask how do I reduce hook when bowling for a corner pin spare, there are techniques you can use to do so.

Regardless if you are left or right handed or use both hands to bowl, straightening out the amount you hook the ball makes it easier to convert a corner pin spare.

Let’s use the case for right handed bowlers to discuss techniques to reduce hook for the ten pin spare. Left handers use the opposite. If you are a two handed bowler, your last hand to exit the bowling ball is how to think of these technique tips.

Here are a few techniques you may wish to try using next time you practice when your scores do not count in competition:

*Bowling instructors typically recommend using a plastic ball with a low surface friction to reduce and control your amount of hook.

*Another way of reducing hook is to release your bowling ball by staying behind the ball with your bowling hand throughout your release and follow through movements.

*Apply minimum gripping pressure with your bowling fingers as you swing and release your ball.

*The palm of your bowling hand should face the ceiling as your hand swings upward after releasing the ball.

*Another minor technique you can try is to move your index and “pinky” fingers close to your center gripping fingers while staying behind the ball and avoiding any finger rotation.

*When shooting at the ten pin, it is important to avoid walking toward the center of the approach but rather maintain your straight line walking path to the foul line after moving to the left edge of the approach.

This technique serves to maximize your ball path angle to the ten pin and so you can use the build up of lane conditioner in the center portion of the lane to assist in skidding your ball and avoid the ball hooking too soon and away from the ten pin.

Other factors may be developed during practice sessions. One technique best to avoid when shooting at the ten pin is throwing your ball very hard which may cause a loss in balance at the moment you are releasing the ball. Stay in balance and use a comfortable ball speed as opposed to hurling the ball extremely hard when you are not well practiced in doing so. Develop a sound system for aligning to the key pins in each spare combination so your overall spare shooting improves.


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