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Bowling Balance In Shotmaking

By:, 9/2/16

If you are working to improve your game, begin with a well balanced approach.

Establish an athletic posture in your set-up and then maintaining your posture throughout your approach and delivery.

Although you may be averaging between 150 and 180, good bowling balance in shotmaking is key to all bowlers, especially when releasing the bowling ball.

In order to repeat a series of good shots, you must have good body balance as you slide and release your ball.

Here are six easy but useful tips for good balance which apply to all bowlers:

*Flex your knees slightly and tilt your upper body forward about 10 - 15 degrees in your stance.

*Maintain your spine angle throughout your approach and delivery.

*Reduce unneeded body motion as you walk to the foul line, particularly at the moment you release your bowling ball.

*Avoid rushing your approach and raising your head and shoulders just prior to releasing your ball.

*Keep your head as motionless as possible while walking to the line and while releasing your bowling ball. A steady and level head will help you produce good balance.

*Hold your form at the foul line after you have released your bowling ball until the ball reaches your sighting target.

Good balance starts with a good set-up during your stance on the approach. Maintaining proper body posture throughout your approach, free of any wasted motion, is vital to good shot making and to repeated quality shots.

These six simple tips for balance when releasing your ball are useful practice tips when tuning your game. Exhale most of the air from your lungs just before beginning your approach and hold your remaining breathe until the ball is gone off of your hand. This is a good stabilizing technique allowing you to release your ball without any sudden and unwanted body motion to make you lose balance. Strive to get into a stable sliding position as you release your bowling ball.


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