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Bowling Moment Of Release

By:, Originally Posted: 5/2/16; Updated: 3/28/2022

If you can control your bowling moment of release, you can also easily control your bowling ball skid distance and your overall ball reaction.

For any accomplished player, it is of paramount importance to regulate the precise moment your bowling thumb exits the bowling ball relative to your sliding step.

There a few keys you can focus on when practicing to more closely release your ball at close to the same moment in successive shots.

Although some of these tips seem unrelated to releasing your ball, they tie in to what you wish to accomplish because of the connectivity of your walking, swing the ball and sliding and releasing the ball toward your sight target.

Here a few tips:

*regulate your ball speed. By delivering your ball at close to the same launch velocity each shot you also control skid distance which, in turn, contributes in controlling your ball reaction.

*set up on the approach in an athletic posture and retain that posture and spine angle as you enter your sliding step while holding that form at the foul line.

*exit your bowling thumb followed by your bowling fingers from the ball between the back of your sliding bowling shoeheel and the laces.

You may have to think releasing the ball closer to the top of the backswing than at the heel of your sliding shoe because your hand travels very quickly on the downswing to the release point.

*avoid decelerating your follow through motion.

*do not rotate your bowling fingers before your ball reaches the bottom of your forward swing arc.

*strive to deliver your ball between 6” to 18” beyond the foul line, if not further, but avoid releasing the ball onto the approach surface behind the foul line.

It is best to settle on one loft distance with only a few inches of variation so you develop a consistent release motion and so your ball speed and reaction does not vary too much.

The moment you release your ball should be accompanied with a loose arm swingmotion with as little tension in your arm as possible.

Forcing your downswing and your release result in errant deliveries.

The goal is a simple one. Let the ball exit your bowling hand as your hand arrives at the heel of your shoe with your fingers exiting the ball at, or very nearly at, your sliding shoe toe.

With practice, you will improve regulating the moment of release when your hand exits your ball, control loft distance, and deliver your ball at the same speed each shot.

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