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Bowling Spares As Easy As 3-6-9

Bowling spares as easy as 3-6-9. If you are a new bowler trying to learn a little bit about picking up spares, then follow this basic and easiest system for spares. When we say bowling spares as easy as 3-6-9, we literally mean that with a few simple alignment adjustments, you can improve your spare shooting abilities right away.

Our staff at asks you to first establish an initial strike alignment positioning on the approach. Base your spare adjustments off of your strike target line.

Place the toe of your sliding bowling shoe (left shoe for right handed bowlers) two boards to the right of the center guide dot (the 18 board) and then sight at the 10 board (2nd arrow from right edge of lane if you are a right handed bowler) as an initial alignment and if you roll your bowling ball on a fairly straight line to the pocket.

The 3-6-9 spare system is based off of lateral adjustments, either right or left of the initial strike alignment positioning, with your feet on the approach.

One simple factor must be remembered in properly aligning to spares:

For spares on the right side of the lane, move your feet left. For spares on the left side of the lane, move your feet right. Use your strike target on the lane for spares. It is that easy.

It helps to first learn and understand the bowling pin formations on the pin deck and how to identify the pins by their numbers. The key pin in any spare combination is the one nearest you.

The following are positioning adjustments on the approach for the key pin in formation in the 3-6-9 spare system. Remember to use your strike target (2nd arrow on the lane) for all spares in this simple system:

For the 2 pin, move right 3 boards
For the 4 pin, move right 6 boards
For the 7 pin, move right 9 boards

For the 3 pin, move left 3 boards
For the 6 pin, move left 6 boards
For the 10 pin, move left 9 boards

Here are a few additional, helpful tips for using this spare system successfully:

1. When adjusting your feet either left or right on the approach, point your toes of your bowling shoes toward the key pin of your spare. This will align your hips and bowling shoulder to face the key pin squarely. During your approach, keep your hips and the front of your bowling shoulder facing the key pin or pins left standing.

2. Avoid drifting left or right with your steps when walking to the foul line from your adjusted starting position on the approach for any spare delivery. Try to walk a straight line based on your adjusted positioning of your bowling shoes on the approach.

3. Deliver your bowling ball the best you can at the same ball speed you use for strike deliveries. Avoid trying to roll the ball harder or slower than you practice as you may not effectively control the ball path to the spare.

Raising your bowling scores requires a dedication to improving your spare shooting abilities. Learning this very simple and basic system will help raise your scores. If you are encountering any difficulties with this spare system or any other system for spares, consult you local bowling professional or a certified bowling instructor to help you get on the path to progress.

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